Using Kodi on Firestick? You can be hacked!

Well, lots of Amazon Firestick and Fire TV devices are vulnerable to Cryptocurrency mining botnet. If you are not sure about what is it, let me explain to you in detail. Before entering into the article, let us see what is cryptocurrency and how mining works. Cryptocurrencies are virtual currencies, which holds the same value across every nation. In simple terms, it is a common currency for the world. And they are virtual currency. And they may or may not have virtual form.

One of the famous cryptocurrency is bitcoin and ripple. There are thousands of other cryptocurrencies available out there. A user can buy any of the cryptocurrency of their wish from the authorized apps or merchant. There are lots of merchant available out there. This is one of the biggest trading markets worldwide. And these cryptocurrencies can only be generated by solving math problems. And this form of generating cryptocurrency is called mining.

To mine any of the cryptocurrencies, a miner must need a processor power and internet. If a user runs the miner for a year, the current generated is less. So they started using other person processor power which is connected to the internet. It not only includes PC, but lots of other devices like android devices, smart TV, firestick, and even some of the gaming consoles. These are the devices in which mining had been discovered. So there is still potentially a lot more device. If you don’t know how to install kodi on firestick, then refer this guide. With this guide, you can setup kodi on fire tv under 2 minutes

Your device is not safe

Your next question might be, is my device safe? Well, not 100%. Before entering in detailed. Let me explain how this mining occurs without the user knowledge. Since the miner needs your processor power, they might inject a malware into your device, which runs on the background of your device. And all the mined currency will be sent to the miner. This is one of the common process followed to obtain your processor power.

All the devices are safe until the user disabled the protection. Now you might be wondering why should I disable my protection? We don’t do it knowingly. Most of the user might do it unknowingly. One of the most common reason is to install the third-party apps. To install third-party apps on your device, you will turn on install from unknown sources. This is where you are disabling your protection. Now it is so easy to inject the malware into your system.

Kodi can be hacked

Recently there has been a similar attack on such devices worldwide. Nearly 17000 devices has been attacked worldwide. And most of these devices are firestick and Fire TV. And when required, it had been found that most of the devices enabled the unknown sources option to install kodi. And the number is so high. You can also check whether your device is infected or not. There are two symptoms for it, one is device start heating. Other is your device often shut down. If you faced with this issue, disable unknown sources and debugging.

Well, these are the reasons why Using Kodi on firestick is a bit dangerous. Hope this article is informative.

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