Kodi WARNING – Illegal streaming may lead to jail sentences – Beware

The popularity of Kodi continues its gush, however, it started to alert its users who use illegal add-ons to stream pirated content. They start to warn the users after the major illegal streaming jail sentences in HuGe Sky sports and BT Sports CRACKDOWN.

On a survey by the researchers, it has been found that in the UK over 5 million users make use of these streaming devices.

Is Kodi illegal?

Actually, Kodi is not illegal, but the third-party addon created by the developers provide you access to the pirated and illegal content. These add-ons enable you to stream even the premium content, sports, and movie for free. With that being said, Popular pay per view events is also being streamed on Kodi for free as said on kodippv.com. There is also no wonder that people are planning to stream UFC 229 on Kodi using different add-ons.

This kind of act affected the other service providers. So these third-party illegal add-ons are being targeted by government agencies, broadcasters, ISPs, and right holders.

You would be aware of the recent biggest jail sentence ever, related to the use of a Kodi-type device. Let’s see it a little more in detail.

The persons involved in the crime, John Dodds and Jason Richard, were proved guilty for the charges of conspiracy to deceive and sentenced by the UK judge.

Those two men sold hundreds of devices which enabled the customers to watch the Premier League through the unauthorized access of Sky Sports, BT Sports, and other illegal foreign channels. And the devices also regularly not working due to signal failure or failing to tune channels.

The person involved in crime are sentenced after the investigation done by the Premier League and FACT. It is mentioned that they have earned at least £1.5million by selling these devices.

The Premier League Director of Legal Services Kevin Plumb said: “This is a hugely significant judgment as it provides further evidence that selling these devices is illegal and can result in a prison sentence”.

” Advancement in technology has changed the way of experiencing the entertainment content. However, some users are pretending to pay for this content and find some alternative way to modify their hardware devices with software, illegal addon or apps, either in TV or Mobile apps, even before they have been aired, and subscription sports channels for free”.

“We hope that this verdict gets the message out, selling or using such devices is not worth to risk. You might think that you are bargaining if you buy a box or stick that is fully loaded with illegal stuff. However, you could also be helping to fund organized crime and bringing it into your community.”

Giles York, the Chief Constable, National Police lead for Intellectual Property added :

“The ISDs might appear to be a good thing, but in fact, it is a crime. we have seen a number of conditions like this and currently, work in going on to identify the groups in the UK who are making huge profits and avoiding tax and supplying poor and unsafe devices to the customers.”

This made a recent warning that some of the Kodi boxes could carry fatal potential risks. Based on this the Researchers conducted a series of product safety test on the number of popular Kodi-style streaming boxes. It is found that those boxes failed to meet the national electrical safety regulations.

Steve Curtler, The Product Safety Manager at Electrical Safety First, told the Independent:

“From this year, consumers who think to buy an illegal streaming device for Christmas need to remember that, when the plugin this device into their TV, are potentially putting themselves, their home and family in risk.”

“We warn anyone using these devices to unplug and stop using it immediately. It is no longer a grey area. Using such devices is considered as breaking the law, it is very much illegal and that they risk spending time behind the bars.”

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