Using Kodi on Firestick? You can be hacked!

Well, lots of Amazon Firestick and Fire TV devices are vulnerable to Cryptocurrency mining botnet. If you are not sure about what is it, let me explain to you in detail. Before entering into the article, let us see what is cryptocurrency and how mining works. Cryptocurrencies are virtual currencies, which holds the same value across every nation. In simple terms, it is a common currency for the world. And they are virtual currency. And they may or may not have virtual form.

One of the famous cryptocurrency is bitcoin and ripple. There are thousands of other cryptocurrencies available out there. A user can buy any of the cryptocurrency of their wish from the authorized apps or merchant. There are lots of merchant available out there. This is one of the biggest trading markets worldwide. And these cryptocurrencies can only be generated by solving math problems. And this form of generating cryptocurrency is called mining.

To mine any of the cryptocurrencies, a miner must need a processor power and internet. If a user runs the miner for a year, the current generated is less. So they started using other person processor power which is connected to the internet. It not only includes PC, but lots of other devices like android devices, smart TV, firestick, and even some of the gaming consoles. These are the devices in which mining had been discovered. So there is still potentially a lot more device. If you don’t know how to install kodi on firestick, then refer this guide. With this guide, you can setup kodi on fire tv under 2 minutes

Your device is not safe

Your next question might be, is my device safe? Well, not 100%. Before entering in detailed. Let me explain how this mining occurs without the user knowledge. Since the miner needs your processor power, they might inject a malware into your device, which runs on the background of your device. And all the mined currency will be sent to the miner. This is one of the common process followed to obtain your processor power.

All the devices are safe until the user disabled the protection. Now you might be wondering why should I disable my protection? We don’t do it knowingly. Most of the user might do it unknowingly. One of the most common reason is to install the third-party apps. To install third-party apps on your device, you will turn on install from unknown sources. This is where you are disabling your protection. Now it is so easy to inject the malware into your system.

Kodi can be hacked

Recently there has been a similar attack on such devices worldwide. Nearly 17000 devices has been attacked worldwide. And most of these devices are firestick and Fire TV. And when required, it had been found that most of the devices enabled the unknown sources option to install kodi. And the number is so high. You can also check whether your device is infected or not. There are two symptoms for it, one is device start heating. Other is your device often shut down. If you faced with this issue, disable unknown sources and debugging.

Well, these are the reasons why Using Kodi on firestick is a bit dangerous. Hope this article is informative.

Dish Network Vs Kodi Addon lawsuit came to Settlement

Its been a tough time for Kodi and for a number of companies and add-ons associated with Media Centre Software. To be more specific the dispute with Dish Network recently.

Dish Network, American satellite and broadcast provider filed a lawsuit against the owner of TVAddons(the largest repository of third-party Kodi add-ons) and ZemTV(Kodi Addon) for copyright infringement by last September.

The Dish Network’ complaint: Adam Lackman (owner and operator of the site TVAddons) is from Canada and Shahjahan Durrani (the developer of ZemTV Kodi addon ) From London are accused of Copyright infringement.

TVAddons Stated that: TVAddons was not a private site, as it is developers platform of open source add-on for Kodi media center. As it is a community platform containing user-generated content, and they have acted in accordance with the law and swiftly complied whenever they received a DMCA notice. It is not possible to check whether every piece of information available is licensed by the website displaying it.  That’s why the DCMA existence is critical. A lawsuit against a billion-dollar company with unlimited legal resources is not easy.

Due to the lack of resources, the ZemTV stopped to fight against the Dish network, but the TVAddon is didn’t stop. TVaddons had some of the top addons for kodi under their network. For the past several months both TVAddons and Dish network was ready to make the matter to a trail, but a few weeks before this dispute came to an end.

The dispute came to a settlement, both the parties signed a confidential agreement, and the Dish network dropped the case. The Lawsuit came to an end and is over now.

As the site and its founder had to lose a lot financially, the upside is quite obvious. The motivation of the dish is less too. Whether the Site may have agreed to pay for damages, it’s not clear, but it could be a factor.

The agreement terms remain undisclosed, but TVAddons said that”No data nor user information was exchanged”. As long as their site is available, they will maintain the compiled copyright law. However, they agreed to hasten DMCA process to resolve the issue in future.

As a result of the lawsuit settlement agreement, the TVAddon had accepted to remove and cease providing assistance for all the add-ons which retransmit any of the following channels: Aaj Tak, Aastha Bhajan, Aastha TV, ARY Digital, ARY News, B4U Movies and Music, Dunya TV, Express Entertainment, Express-News, Movies OK, Sahara One, Samay, Times Now and Zoom.

However, the TVAddon and ZemTV are not completely out of it. The Canadian Lawsuit has been filed by the Canadian telecoms giants is still on.

Does installing Kodi on Xbox one is legal?

Kodi was formerly known as XBMC( Xbox media center). It is a free open source MC software which was first developed by the XBMC Foundation. However, the tech world keeps on changing and updating. Kodi is just an example of it. This application has a drastic development and expanded to different platforms and devices. And here we go, Kodi is finally available in Xbox One. It is because Microsoft has started to integrate Windows 10 code into Xbox One, which allows a huge collection of apps including Kodi. This article will discuss whether it is legal to install kodi on xbox one.

Before we go to the installation process, let’s see a brief note about Kodi and Xbox One.


Kodi is basically an open source media player software. It is free of charge application. It supports a wide variety of content including audio, videos, and image format files, third-party plugins and much more. Kodi has a large number of Add-ons which helps to stream TV shows, movies, music and even photos. Not only videos on demand, it also supports live streaming and IPTV.  The feature like add-ons, skins, and builds free of charge made Kodi be a top-rated application at present.

Xbox One

Xbox One is a gaming console. Xbox too supports a variety of content and it had evolved as an entertainment hub these days. Besides gaming, you can use this device for streaming online content. It can be done by installing apps, as we do on smartphones or tabs. what makes you have an Xbox is, The current Xbox One is available with Windows 10. There is a collection of application that is compatible with the Xbox console, computers and tablets.

How to Install Kodi in Xbox One

Method 1: PC installation

If you are using Windows 10 on your PC, then you will have access to the Microsoft store. In Microsoft store, you can find applications, games, media, and here you can download them.

  • Open the Microsoft store on your PC.
  • You can find the search bar at the top right corner.
  • Enter the App name(Kodi) you are looking for.
  • Once you see the Kodi app, select it.
  • After opening it, you will have two options(1. Install, 2. Install on Xbox One).
  • Select Install on Xbox One.
  • It will take some time to download.
  • Once it is downloaded, you will receive a notification saying Kodi is ready to launch.
  • Open and enjoy its service.

Method 2: Xbox installation

This is another way to install Kodi on Xbox One. Your Xbox gaming control has a store for games and other apps. So we can download Kodi form it.

  • Turn ON your Xbox and wait for the Home Screen.
  • Select the main menu and go to the store.
  • Select the search bar and type Kodi.
  • Once you find the Kodi icon select it.
  • You will find get option there, select it.
  • Then, Select Install.
  • The app will be downloaded and installed, then you will receive a notification shortly saying that try out the application.


Finally Kodi had made a long way to be in Xbox One. We have provided you with different installation methods. Try and have pleasure. If you find any issues with the installation procedures or any feedback, kindly comment below.