Does installing Kodi on Xbox one is legal?

Kodi was formerly known as XBMC( Xbox media center). It is a free open source MC software which was first developed by the XBMC Foundation. However, the tech world keeps on changing and updating. Kodi is just an example of it. This application has a drastic development and expanded to different platforms and devices. And here we go, Kodi is finally available in Xbox One. It is because Microsoft has started to integrate Windows 10 code into Xbox One, which allows a huge collection of apps including Kodi. This article will discuss whether it is legal to install kodi on xbox one.

Before we go to the installation process, let’s see a brief note about Kodi and Xbox One.


Kodi is basically an open source media player software. It is free of charge application. It supports a wide variety of content including audio, videos, and image format files, third-party plugins and much more. Kodi has a large number of Add-ons which helps to stream TV shows, movies, music and even photos. Not only videos on demand, it also supports live streaming and IPTV.  The feature like add-ons, skins, and builds free of charge made Kodi be a top-rated application at present.

Xbox One

Xbox One is a gaming console. Xbox too supports a variety of content and it had evolved as an entertainment hub these days. Besides gaming, you can use this device for streaming online content. It can be done by installing apps, as we do on smartphones or tabs. what makes you have an Xbox is, The current Xbox One is available with Windows 10. There is a collection of application that is compatible with the Xbox console, computers and tablets.

How to Install Kodi in Xbox One

Method 1: PC installation

If you are using Windows 10 on your PC, then you will have access to the Microsoft store. In Microsoft store, you can find applications, games, media, and here you can download them.

  • Open the Microsoft store on your PC.
  • You can find the search bar at the top right corner.
  • Enter the App name(Kodi) you are looking for.
  • Once you see the Kodi app, select it.
  • After opening it, you will have two options(1. Install, 2. Install on Xbox One).
  • Select Install on Xbox One.
  • It will take some time to download.
  • Once it is downloaded, you will receive a notification saying Kodi is ready to launch.
  • Open and enjoy its service.

Method 2: Xbox installation

This is another way to install Kodi on Xbox One. Your Xbox gaming control has a store for games and other apps. So we can download Kodi form it.

  • Turn ON your Xbox and wait for the Home Screen.
  • Select the main menu and go to the store.
  • Select the search bar and type Kodi.
  • Once you find the Kodi icon select it.
  • You will find get option there, select it.
  • Then, Select Install.
  • The app will be downloaded and installed, then you will receive a notification shortly saying that try out the application.


Finally Kodi had made a long way to be in Xbox One. We have provided you with different installation methods. Try and have pleasure. If you find any issues with the installation procedures or any feedback, kindly comment below.

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