Dish Network Vs Kodi Addon lawsuit came to Settlement

Its been a tough time for Kodi and for a number of companies and add-ons associated with Media Centre Software. To be more specific the dispute with Dish Network recently.

Dish Network, American satellite and broadcast provider filed a lawsuit against the owner of TVAddons(the largest repository of third-party Kodi add-ons) and ZemTV(Kodi Addon) for copyright infringement by last September.

The Dish Network’ complaint: Adam Lackman (owner and operator of the site TVAddons) is from Canada and Shahjahan Durrani (the developer of ZemTV Kodi addon ) From London are accused of Copyright infringement.

TVAddons Stated that: TVAddons was not a private site, as it is developers platform of open source add-on for Kodi media center. As it is a community platform containing user-generated content, and they have acted in accordance with the law and swiftly complied whenever they received a DMCA notice. It is not possible to check whether every piece of information available is licensed by the website displaying it.  That’s why the DCMA existence is critical. A lawsuit against a billion-dollar company with unlimited legal resources is not easy.

Due to the lack of resources, the ZemTV stopped to fight against the Dish network, but the TVAddon is didn’t stop. TVaddons had some of the top addons for kodi under their network. For the past several months both TVAddons and Dish network was ready to make the matter to a trail, but a few weeks before this dispute came to an end.

The dispute came to a settlement, both the parties signed a confidential agreement, and the Dish network dropped the case. The Lawsuit came to an end and is over now.

As the site and its founder had to lose a lot financially, the upside is quite obvious. The motivation of the dish is less too. Whether the Site may have agreed to pay for damages, it’s not clear, but it could be a factor.

The agreement terms remain undisclosed, but TVAddons said that”No data nor user information was exchanged”. As long as their site is available, they will maintain the compiled copyright law. However, they agreed to hasten DMCA process to resolve the issue in future.

As a result of the lawsuit settlement agreement, the TVAddon had accepted to remove and cease providing assistance for all the add-ons which retransmit any of the following channels: Aaj Tak, Aastha Bhajan, Aastha TV, ARY Digital, ARY News, B4U Movies and Music, Dunya TV, Express Entertainment, Express-News, Movies OK, Sahara One, Samay, Times Now and Zoom.

However, the TVAddon and ZemTV are not completely out of it. The Canadian Lawsuit has been filed by the Canadian telecoms giants is still on.

Kodi v18 Leia’s first beta is finally here with new updates

Hurray! Finally, kodi 18 Leia is released! After a year of testing with the alpha version, more stable beta version has been released. Kodi being the best streaming player, it needs regular updates to maintain its top position. Kodi was previously known as XBMC (XBox Media center). It started its journey as a media player for Xbox. Soon due to its addon integrity feature lots of users switched to kodi.  And lots of hobbyists started developing addons. And soon kodi community grows to millions of people.

After this Kodi extended their support to various other devices and platforms. As of now, kodi supports devices like firestick, chromecast, android boxes, Xbox and Rasberry Pi. It provides support across the various platform like Android, Windows, and Linux. The ability of the kodi to use in various devices and its addon integrated feature to watch all the content for free has turned kodi to the most used media streaming software. And Kodi has been the main reason for cord cutting in the Europen countries. Who would go for the paid subscription, if they can watch the same content for free in kodi?

This made kodi fame to grow like a wildfire. And a lot of developers start developing their own addons. And this resulted in thousands of addon for the same contents. Most these are a forked version of the best addons. And people started using the addons which work for their location. Since most of the developers do this as a hobby, the addons will be left after some time. And the currently most used version of kodi has a lot of flaws like No USB support, No Tuner Support, and few other problems in streaming from the ad-hoc network. It also shows a lot of other errors like no kodi playback failed and check the log for more information.

Kodi Version 18 – Leia

All these errors are mainly due to lack of standalone feature in the kodi. So to make kodi much better, the devs had planned to update all the codes of the kernel (base). This update is kodi 18 Leia. At the start it sucked. There are a lot of errors and bugs. The Leia version made some serious update to fix buffering on Kodi. With the user feedback, they had rectified the some of the errors and released a new version called kodi alpha version 2. Though they have some of the flaws, it much stable than the alpha 1 version. Some of the new fixes for USB tuner has been added to this update.

And finally a few days back, kodi has finally released its beta version. It is a much stable and final version of kodi 18. Since kodi entered into the beta state, no more updates will be released for the beta version, only bug fixes, and patches. And a lot of scripts has been modified to fix some of the most common errors. You can download kodi Leia from the kodi official website. You can find the installer file under the pre-release tab. Hope will reach greater heights than the kodi krypton version.

That’s all about kodi Leia version, hope this article is informative and clear. If you are facing any issues do let us know.