Chimney Buying Guide – How To Buy The Right Chimney

Imagine you are making tasty Indian food in your kitchen to delight with your friends and family. Generally, cooking Indian food involves a lot of smoke as the number of spices and frying will be a bit higher. This may lead to your kitchen with a greasy and sticky impression. So, to get rid of such things, find the best chimney for Indian Kitchens. But, to purchase the best one for your home, you should remember some factors. In this blog, we’ve provided the considerable factors that you should look for while buying a kitchen chimney. Here we go with them.

Things To Remember While Buying A Kitchen Chimney

1. Types of chimney

Choosing the right type of chimney is one of the first things that you should consider. There are many different factors like the structure of your kitchen, the location of the kitchen platform, and location for fitting.

  • Wall-mount chimney – you can fit this kind of chimney in your kitchen wall.
  • Island chimney – This type of chimney can be hanged on the ceiling of your cooking platform.
  • In-built chimney – This kind of chimney can be equipped in the furniture of your kitchen that is located against the wall.
  • Corner chimney – This chimney type can be fixed at the corner of your kitchen platform.

2. Types of Chimney Filters

Once you’ve decided on the type of chimney for your kitchen, you need to look for the chimney filters. There are different types of chimney filters available in the marketplace. Choosing the one for your kitchen should be based on the structure, material, and the filtering process.

  • Mesh or Cassette Filters – Generally, this filter has layers of stainless steel or aluminum mesh filter. The space present in the mesh filter will allow the air to pass through and can capture the oil and grease. However, the mess and the grease stuck in the filter and reduce the suction capacity. Hence, these filters should be cleaned once in a week with the help of detergent and scrubbing.
  • Baffle Filters – In India, most of the houses equipped with the chimneys with the baffle filter. This filter is better than the mesh filter. This filter comes in curve structure and lets the smoke to escape.
  • Carbon Filters – This filter is made from Charcoal and hence it is also dubbed as charcoal filters. The main use of this filter is, it removes the bad odor smell from the food.

3. The suction power of the chimney

Check the capacity of the chimney that sucks the smoke, grease, and odor. The suction power of the chimney depends on the size of the kitchen platform. Hence, know the size of your kitchen platform and pick the right one.

4. Chimney Size

The size of the chimney is the major thing when it comes to smoke and dirt absorption while cooking. One of the essential things that you should remember in your mind is, the size of the chimney should be less than the size of your cooking stove.

5. Speed of the Chimney

Depending on the budget, you can get the chimney with a different suction speed rate. It comes with the single-speed option to more than one-speed option to the users.

6. The Noise of the Chimney

Generally, the chimneys can be too noisy especially when there is air circulation. However, the noise can be reduced by installing the silent kit. In some chimney, the silent kit will be installed already. Hence, go for it.

Bottom Lines

I guess you’ve got some idea to purchase the best chimney for your kitchen. Remember these considerable factors that you must look before purchasing the best kitchen chimney for your cooking platform. For more updates, stay connected with us. Thank you!